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Log Garages

garages-two-car-garage-two-story-lgA Log or Log Sided Garage makes a perfect complement to any log home. All garages can be customized to your specifications!

Full Log Garages are are built using 8″ wide logs, cut from white pine or red cedar timbers. All wall logs are pre-cut and marked for easy assembly.  Windows and doors are also supplied, sized and placed to your specifications. The roof system can either be conventionally framed, trussed or timbered.

Log Sided Garages are built from 8’x8′ panels using either 2×4 or 2×6 framing http://www.health-canada-pharmacy.com material. All panels are marked for easy assembly and pre-cut for placement of windows and doors. The log siding can be either white pine or red cedar.

garages-three-car-garage-lgThe garage pictured to the right is log sided, 36′-long and built using pre-cut panels. Aesthetic log corners have been added to give the garage a more authentic look. This particular garage was built as an addition to a two-year-old Real Log Home.

To start planning your Log Home Garage!


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