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Log Home Additions

Everyone wants a home that will meet his or her needs today and in the future. With log homes, you can build what is affordable today and add to the home as your family grows and your needs change.

Log Home Bedroom AdditionTo some, this may come as a surprise. Perhaps working with logs seems more difficult than working with conventional framing materials. This is not at all true! An experienced log home builder can connect new logs to existing logs in a way that maintains the same high degree of air-tightness enjoyed through the rest of the home.

In many cases, virtually no dismantling is needed. Addition logs can be connected to existing house logs by simply notching the house wall and interlocking the logs to each other. We have yet to find a log home that we could not offer a workable way to expand the living space.

Adding to Your Log Home

Begin by determining exactly what you want to accomplish with an addition. Extra bedroom…bigger/brighter kitchen…family room…upstairs headroom…there are many reasons to make a home larger. Start by determining a use for the space and how much extra space you need.

Then look at where on the house you can expand. Long, unobstructed log walls offer the best options for expansion. Windows can be removed and made into door openings to create addition access. Try to avoid porches and log corners as they can be difficult to connect to. It is relatively easy to connect to a log home as long as there are no obstacles to work around.

Think too about tLog Home Addition Connectionhe traffic flow into the new addition and how that works with your present floor plan. Kitchens and dining rooms are good rooms to connect onto. Consider the land around the house and how the slope will affect the foundation and site work. Certainly flatter is better.

Locate the well and septic system and know where they connect to your log home. Because of the cost, you won’t want to disturb these systems if you can help it. Also, know your lot lines as you are allowed to build only so close to your neighbor.

Our experience has shown that log homes are very expandable. Determining your needs and knowing your options are good places to begin planning.

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