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Log Home Maintenance

With proper maintenance, your log home can look fantastic for years to come! We use log home care products designed to preserve and protect your home and keep it looking like new. Our crews are specially trained to apply these products.

Our maintenance Cornblasting a dormerservice begins with a visit to your home. Here, we will inspect the condition of the log wall material to look for problem areas and to determine whether or not maintenance is required. After close examination, we will discuss with you what needs to be done, what products should be used and who will apply these products.

Our Log Home Maintenance Services Include:
*Cleaning and restoring logs
*Applying wood preservatives
*Applying stains and finishes
*Caulking and chinking
*Repairing damaged logs

To learn more about proper log home maintenance!

Whether you log home is newly constructed or seasoned for many years, we will work with you to develop a program for treating the logs to maintain their rustic beauty and structural integrity.

The two homes pictured below show before and after examples of corn cob cleaning.

log home before cleaning

BEFORE – A dark, solid stain covered this log home. We were asked to remove the stain and replace it with a more natural, semi-transparent stain.

log home after cleaning

AFTER – Corn cob cleaning proved an effective way to remove the old stain and give the logs a fresh start. From here, a wood preservative can be applied followed by any shade of stain.

log home before washing

BEFORE – This log home had become darker through natural aging. The black streaks created by exposure to the sun and rain give the logs an almost burnt look.

log home after washing

AFTER – We were able to remove all of the dark and streaky features using the corn cleaning method. The natural look achieved is much more pleasing and will greatly improve the overall look of the house.


Our log home looks like new!
Your team did a great job – washing – staining – brushing – and clean-up. This job should last for many hears to come! I’ll recommend you and your team to anyone who asks.
John B.
Mansfield, MA
American Log Home Care - 105 Uxbridge Rd. Mendon, MA 01756
info@americanloghomecare.com - (800) 634-4833
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