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Log Home Repair

log-repair-smallDamage to a log home often comes from constant exposure to moisture. Some areas are naturally vulnerable due to excessive weathering. These areas can include:

  • Porch sills and posts
  • Log corners and overhangs
  • Logs that get water splash-back from a bulk head or a deck

The logs around the electric meter box can also be vulnerable to water damage. Here are before, during and after pictures of a home that we recently repaired where the meter box connects to the home:

Log Damage at Meter Box

Chopping out damaged logs

Log Repair Completed

Pay special attention to these areas with a periodic inspection. Coat them with a high quality log home stain as needed to insure that they are repelling water and blocking the UV rays. Click here for other log home maintenance tips.

To learn more about repairing your log home!

Sample Log Wall Repair Job

Below are pictures of another recent log home repair job. In this home, the entire log corner was damaged by water runoff caused by improper gutter installation. As you can see, all of the compromised corner logs have been removed, replaced and refinished.

repairs-beginning-to-dismantle-cornerIn this home, rainwater from a roof valley directed water onto a log corner for a period of over 20-years. This constant abuse had damaged the integrity of the corner to the extent that the logs now must be replaced. All of the damage occurred before the installation of corrective gutters.

In the picture above we are investigating the extent of the damage to determine how much of the corner http://www.cheapambienpriceonline.com needs to be replaced.

repairs-corner-logs-removedNext, we have removed the entire log corner. Notice that the corner of the building is supported by the upper log courses and requires no additional temporary support. Logs will be removed back to the window.

repairs-corner-logs-replacedThe wall logs are now replaced with fresh material shaped to match the size and cut of the existing logs wall. Notice that the new, upper wall logs are woven with the existing ones. This creates a strong corner, and makes the repair almost undetectable.

Once the repair is done and the logs are stained the corner looks almost like new. We completed this repair job in four days. repairs-stained-and-finished

Keep in mind that this is an extreme situation caused by unusual log wear over a prolonged period of time. With routine preventative maintenance all of this work could have been avoided.

Fantastic Job!
Jane & I want to again thank you and your crew for a fantastic job replacing and reparing the damaged logs on our home. The craftsmanship and attention to detail were amazing. Not to mention some repairs that were done over and above what we had discussed, and still came within our budget. The level of professionalism and courtesy was wonderful. We look forward to working with you again.”
Carl & Jane R.
Lakeville, MA
American Log Home Care - 105 Uxbridge Rd. Mendon, MA 01756
info@americanloghomecare.com - (800) 634-4833
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